A guide to Lanscape photography unique

Anyone may want to think landscape photography is as easy as ABC but, this isn’t the case at all. Though things might be easy when you are surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, there a lot you need to learn in order to take really captivating scenes and images for landscape photography in any setup.

Let’s look at some landscape photography tips that can help you achieve your aim of becoming one of the best photographers out there.

1. Focus on components for your Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography

To create depth for your photographs, you need to keep all the various components of the image in focus. You need to apply a small aperture (f/16-f/22) since this will keep objects both in the background and foreground sharp. In this case, you need to place the camera on a tripod to avoid camera shake so that less light enters the lens.

2. Wide-Angle Lens is great for Landscape Photography


Essentially, a Wide-Angle Lens shows a wider view thus giving an insight into extensive open space. Since they allow more light, this a greater depth of range enabling you to make use of faster shutter speeds.

3. Capture nature in your Landscape Photography


Landscape photography is about capturing as many natural things as possible in a single shot. In the case of moving water, try to create a striking white water impression by selecting a long exposure. In whatever scenario, you need to use a tripod for the images in the background to remain sharp.

4. Photographic filters are important in Landscape Photography


Ordinarily, there are two types of filters you can use. These are Neutral Density (ND) filters and Polarizing filters. While polarizing filters dims the sky thus bringing out the blues in contradiction to the color of the clouds, the latter prevents excess light from hitting the camera. This may help during the bright days- when your camera may not give you gradual shutter speed.

5. People beautify Landscape pictures

Landscape Photography

If you think landscape photography is only about nature then you need to change your mind. An appealing landscape can be enhanced by a handsome or beautiful girl standing near a pool of water. When doing this, always remember to place the person right in an off-center point to make it interesting. Choose a slower shutter to capture movement or faster shutter speed to freeze the action.

6. Patience is key in Landscape Photography


Landscape photography is not rocket science. With patience, regular practice and passion, you will become a master at it. Remember, it is better to spend many hours taking 3 or 4 striking images than taking many photos that may not be attractive at all. Hopefully, these tips will help you to become one of the amazing photographers ever known.