What’s the best lens for Canon T7i?

So, you’ve just bought a new Canon T7i? Congratulations!

The T7i is one of our favorite DSLRs. It is equipped with a powerful 24MP APS-C sensor that shoots images of incredible quality, depth, and beauty. Your Canon T7i probably comes with a kit lens. But chances are you’ll need more than what your kit lens can offer.  If you need the best lens for T7i, what would this be? Let’s find out!

lens for Canon T7i

A look at some of the best lenses for T7i

In many reviews, the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM and the Canon EF 100 mm f/2.8L, IS USM Macro Lens, have been touted as some of the best multipurpose lenses for anyone who owns a Canon Rebel T7i.

Here’s the truth, however;

Your best lens will depend on what you’ll be doing with your camera. If you’re into portrait photography, you’ll need something different from a photojournalist who would be covering sports. The same goes for other photographers across other photography niches. 

Don’t be fooled by anything called an ‘everyday’ lens.

The takeaway here is that such type of lens will be decent for a diverse range of situations. It’s not necessarily going to blow off your minds at all times. 

Along with the everyday lens, you’ll be better off having a few dedicated lenses for different occasions. Depending on what your regular photography routine looks like, these lenses could be for portrait photography, landscape photography, wedding photography, etc.  

Canon T7i Sample Image
Canon T7i Sample Image

Lens options for the Canon T7i are almost unlimited!

The Canon EF/EF-S lens mount on the T7i has the most diverse lens compatibility offerings for digital SLRs. Of the 326 native lenses supported, 112 of these have Optical Image Stabilization, a feature lacking in the Canon T7i camera body. Your options are as diverse as they can be, but you’ll only need the best for what you plan to do.

7 + 1 Accessories You Need for the Best Shots On Your Nikon D3500

The 24MP sensor on this Nikon D3500 takes sharp pictures with great image quality. It does fine in both high and low light conditions and can help you take your photography game up a notch. 

But you still need the right accessories to help you get the best shots with your Nikon D3500. Here’s a list of the best Nikon D3500 accessories you’ll need for your D3500 DSLR camera;

Nikon D3500 Accessories
Best Nikon D3500 Accessories

1. Nikon D3500 battery

1550 shots per charge on the D3500 is amazing. But you need a spare battery to ensure nothing can stop you, even if one battery runs out of juice. 

2. External Flash 

The Nikon D3500 camera comes with a built-in flash. It’s also equipped with a flash shoe if you need more lighting. No doubt, you’ll need this on some days!

3. SD Card

RAW files on your camera can take up much space. 

And before you know it, your camera storage can be filled up with a couple of shots. You need to have more than you’ll need. A 32GB or 64GB SD card is one of the best accessories you can get for your D3500.

4. Tripods 

There are times when holding your camera in your hands will not be worth it. When you need to minimize the risks of movement, you’ll need a tripod for your D3500, especially for landscape photography. 

Tripod for D3500 Nikon

5. Wireless shutter

When you’re taking shots at a slow shutter speed or want to capture your shots without worrying about whether the camera would shake, you need a wireless remote shutter. 

6. Camera cleaning kit

You also need a good cleaning kit to ensure your camera and other accessories such as lenses, filters, and camera sensors are dirt-free and able to keep on working optimally.  

7. Screen protector 

Scratches, dirt, and more on your LCD screen can get in the way of proper function with your camera. A good screen protector will help you keep this away. 

Camera Bag Backpack for Photographers
CADEN Camera Bag for DSLR

You need a good camera bag!

You also need a camera bag. This will help you store your camera and other camera gear and accessories for easy transportation. If you’ll be carrying your camera around more often, this is a must. 

Your camera on its own is not enough for all you need. 

The Nikon D3500 needs the best compatible accessories you can get. Only then will you be able to get your best shots more often than not. 

Is a Canon T6i Bundle Kit Really Worth It?

Canon T6i Bundle kit

Does buying a Canon T6i Bundle kit really hold any significant benefit? Or should you just buy the camera by itself? Well, as it turns out, the former appears to be the better option. 

The Canon T6i was tagged the greatest Rebel yet when it was released in 2015.  

Five years later, it’s still holding its own in the face of fierce competition. Should you need one today, you’ll be better off buying it in a bundle alongside other accessories you’ll need. 

Why buy the Canon T6i in a bundle kit?

There are different reasons why buying a Canon EOS Rebel T6i bundle makes more sense compared to buying only the camera itself. Here are just a few of these many options;

Canon T6i Kit

  • The best Canon T6i bundle kit packages pack a lot of accessories you’ll actually need
  • Accessories bundled in the kit will be genuine and original, covered by warranty. There is a significant risk of falling victim to fake or substandard products when buying individual accessories separately. 
  • For cost-conscious buyers, buying a Canon T6i kill will be a more cost-effective option since the bundles are usually offered with great discounts. 

What to consider when buying Canon T6i kit

The Canon T6i kit will be most likely to be a good buy.

But don’t rush off just yet. 

Canon T6i Bundle

While there are a lot of enticing Canon T6i camera bundles out there, you need to know what you’re getting to ensure you get real benefits. You need to be sure the accessories included in the bundle are what you’ll actually need. A typical camera bundle accessories should include a camera bag, a tripod stand with a carry case, a zoom lens, and a Sandisk memory card (32GB).

Before buying any Canon T6i bundle kit, check to see if these and similar accessories are included in your bundle. Only then will buying a Canon T6i kit be of great value for your photography needs. 

Canon Rebel T6 Wide-Angle Lenses Guide for Beginners

The Canon Rebel T6 has many options for wide-angle lenses that have been working for many people since the camera release. New users can get familiar with switching out the lens type. A professional photographer is likely to make good use of the best Canon Rebel T6 wide-angle lenses possible. The work is arranged in a way that actually works for people. The new lens type can influence the quality of the pictures taken.

Wide-angle lenses for Canon rebel T6 DSLR

Be sure to do proper research and find the wide-angle lens for Canon Rebel T6 that will do the job as well. Many people have been pleased with the variety that they find in stock these days.

Canon 10-18mm wide-angle zoom lens

The Canon 10-18mm lens is a good type to have in stock. The photography will work out with that kind of lens. It is made by the same brand name as the camera itself. That ensures good compatibility between the lens and camera model. The camera design is sure to be worth it to people. The lens variety is in stock and that helps people use it. Trust the camera design and take landscape photos with a lot more confidence over time.

Canon 40mm wide-angle prime lens

Technically, the Canon 40mm is designed for portrait pictures. But it could be used to take landscape photos too. Have a wide range of lenses in stock and ready to use. Bring a carrying case that can store all the items. That makes the organization a lot easier for anyone new to photography.

Canon 50mm wide-angle prime lens

Some users will have a price that they want to pursue. The Canon 50mm can fit the bill for them over time. Think about the camera and how it is used on site. That can direct people towards making some smart purchases. CanonT6blog.com is a reliable website learning more Canon rebel T6 lenses.

Canon 80D Bundle Deals You Can Benefit From Right Now

As somebody who is working on turning photography into a career myself, it’s deterring believing that you have to have every equipment or go to all the best areas to be able to be a professional photographer. If you’re likely to take photography seriously, then the Canon 80D bundle you have to do research dependent on the sort of photography that you would like to do.

Canon 80D bundle

Similarly there are a number of individuals struggle to continue to keep their Canon 80D set up. For advanced users particularly, the camera is extremely functional and user-friendly, giving off a feeling of solidity and thoughtful design. The very best Canon 80D bundle you’ve got right now to capture a moment is not like your smartphone, because you’ve probably already got it in your hand once the moment arrives to take a photo. Just over $300, it’s perfect as a typical lens that will help you as a photographer in the majority of scenarios. Ideally Canon 80D you are going to need a quick prime lens with wide aperture.

Canon 80D refurbished

Don’t give up whenever you aren’t getting views or subscribers in the very first month. On account of the dark circumstances, a number of my images were shot at ISO 6400 on a refurbished Canon 80D camera. The initial one is to at all times keep taking pictures and video. Don’t even examine the analytics until you’re 2550 videos in. Nobody will watch your high excellent vlog if it isn’t intriguing.

Compared with a normal art, a great DSLR rig such as the Canon 80D will give a wonderful impact to the people who look at them. A number of the individuals will want to obtain some special and interesting photographic devices for their objective. In that aspect, a lot of people are searching for the camera rig. All that matters is the particular person who’s taking the picture, she explained. Most of the folks prefer the internet shopping sites for buying the photographic merchandise and accessories. Being a minimalist you ought to just have a few places to check, to see in case you actually lost the merchandise. Think of your storyline before you get started filming for the day and you’ll be a whole lot more likely to have a superior end product.

For those who have windows, there must be an equivalent where you’re able to chop up the video and mess with the sound. Additionally, the buttons on the 80D aren’t optimized for shooting whilst wearing gloves. Together with that, a few of the buttons on top are little and sunken, making them more difficult to press them with gloves as well (or find them by feel in the very first place).

An excellent PM should always be ahead of the curve in regards to knowing about the newest trends in tech. In general, the Canon 80D is a huge camera and one I am contemplating buying, despite the fact that it was released 2 years back. While adding 2 fps may not sound like all that much, it makes a substantial difference when seeking to freeze a dancer at the most suitable spot during a huge leap. While 4k isn’t going anywhere concerning usefulness, I need to admit that it might become necessary later on, but is still an alternate at the moment. 4k gets a great deal of hype, but here are a few quick facts for you to look at.

A guide to Lanscape photography unique

Anyone may want to think landscape photography is as easy as ABC but, this isn’t the case at all. Though things might be easy when you are surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, there a lot you need to learn in order to take really captivating scenes and images for landscape photography in any setup.

Let’s look at some landscape photography tips that can help you achieve your aim of becoming one of the best photographers out there.

1. Focus on components for your Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography

To create depth for your photographs, you need to keep all the various components of the image in focus. You need to apply a small aperture (f/16-f/22) since this will keep objects both in the background and foreground sharp. In this case, you need to place the camera on a tripod to avoid camera shake so that less light enters the lens.

2. Wide-Angle Lens is great for Landscape Photography


Essentially, a Wide-Angle Lens shows a wider view thus giving an insight into extensive open space. Since they allow more light, this a greater depth of range enabling you to make use of faster shutter speeds.

3. Capture nature in your Landscape Photography


Landscape photography is about capturing as many natural things as possible in a single shot. In the case of moving water, try to create a striking white water impression by selecting a long exposure. In whatever scenario, you need to use a tripod for the images in the background to remain sharp.

4. Photographic filters are important in Landscape Photography


Ordinarily, there are two types of filters you can use. These are Neutral Density (ND) filters and Polarizing filters. While polarizing filters dims the sky thus bringing out the blues in contradiction to the color of the clouds, the latter prevents excess light from hitting the camera. This may help during the bright days- when your camera may not give you gradual shutter speed.

5. People beautify Landscape pictures

Landscape Photography

If you think landscape photography is only about nature then you need to change your mind. An appealing landscape can be enhanced by a handsome or beautiful girl standing near a pool of water. When doing this, always remember to place the person right in an off-center point to make it interesting. Choose a slower shutter to capture movement or faster shutter speed to freeze the action.

6. Patience is key in Landscape Photography


Landscape photography is not rocket science. With patience, regular practice and passion, you will become a master at it. Remember, it is better to spend many hours taking 3 or 4 striking images than taking many photos that may not be attractive at all. Hopefully, these tips will help you to become one of the amazing photographers ever known.