Global Communications Made Easy With Asterisk PBX

Today, everybody acknowledge, Asterisk, which brought the open source communications to the entire world. Asterix PBX is one the most popular telephony services that we are now using. Other features and services of Asterisk’s PBX include VoIP gateways, IVR systems and call center ACDs.

Asterisk is more like a tool-kit that includes building blocks for creating a PBX system. The PBX system comprises of several components combination that integrates quickly to create voice-enabled or telephony applications. Asterisk is gaining popularity for its ability to configure as an IP core or hybrid PBX. This highly efficient PBX system excels in managing routes, switching calls, connecting callers, conferencing with any caller around the world.

The system has enabled features that permit it to be connected over IP, analog and digital connections. Asterisk PBX performs all high end advanced features that a modern day PBX must have. The PBX system of Asterix can run on almost any modern operating systems, like Sun Solaris,Linux, Open and FreeBSD and Mac OS X.

Asterisk’s PBX designs are flexible and enhance voice in various IP protocols. This enables the PBX system to go along with almost all telephony equipments that may be used with even an inexpensive hardware. Asterisk’s PBX system has become a famous media gateway. In fact, they are the first getaway that carried the PSTN legacy to the modern IP telephony. Their unmatched communications allow the conversion of media protocols and codecs.

An asterisk classical and advanced PBX feature operates well with the traditional telephony systems, so its exceedingly appreciated worldwide. Asterisk PBX is in use, in almost all public networks, Call center, and BPO’s. In fact, the most famous public networks, including ITSPs and CLECS are using Asterix open source communications for the first time in history. Asterisk’s PBX servers, voice mail systems, prepaid calls and hosted services clusters have helped the public networks in saving loads of money.