Three benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the modern automotive industry

What else is there to improve in the automobile, you might ask. Actually, there’s a lot and modern technology has allowed the automotive industry to innovate out-of-the-box solutions that could not just improve driving comfort, but also provide practical and functional solutions to just about anything that would make driving more productive and satisfying. Enter

Global Communications Made Easy With Asterisk PBX

Today, everybody acknowledge, Asterisk, which brought the open source communications to the entire world. Asterix PBX is one the most popular telephony services that we are now using. Other features and services of Asterisk’s PBX include VoIP gateways, IVR systems and call center ACDs. Asterisk is more like a tool-kit that includes building blocks for

Sell your iPad 2

With the advent of the high-tech gadgets such as iPad 2, it may be a good idea to sell outdated equipment and make the best of those old and beloved trinkets we have. So, to successfully do this, here are some guidelines on how to sell iPad 2, to whom they can be sold and